Many Georgia Cities Ranked In The Top 25 For The Highest STD Rates In The US

Georgia is in the top three states with the most reported cases.

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​Grady Hospital in Atlanta, GA. Right: River Street in Savannah, GA. ​

Grady Hospital in Atlanta, GA. Right: River Street in Savannah, GA.

When it comes to U.S. states with the highest reported cases of STDs, most can be found in the South.

Using the most recent data from the CDC, a report from Innerbody published in February 2022 found Georgia to rank number 3 for most reported infections per 100,000 residents. This puts the Peach State right behind Louisiana (#2) and Mississippi (#1.)

Other Southern states that made the top ten list include South Carolina, Florida, North Carolina and Alabama.

Georgia alone sees 1,535 cases per 100,000 people, but residents in three cities are more at risk than others.

These locations in Georgia ranked on the list of U.S. cities that have the highest STD rates in the entire country.

Augusta, GA at No. 6

Augusta, GA had 2,596 reported STD cases per 100,000 people.

  • HIV Cases: 1,400
  • Chlamydia Cases: 2,636
  • Gonorrhea Cases: 1,100
  • Syphilis Cases: 97
Augusta has a metro population of 611,000 and is regarded as a college town, meaning a large population of young people live there, many coming from other states.

Savannah, GA at No. 20

The Hostess City had 1,783 reported STD cases per 100,000 people.

  • HIV Cases: 1,696
  • Chlamydia Cases: 2,633
  • Gonorrhea Cases: 765
  • Syphilis Cases: 62
Savannah, GA is one of Georgia's most popular tourist destinations. It has a population of 145,492 people. The city sees a large influx of visitors coming and going.

Atlanta, GA at No. 22

The state capital, Atlanta, GA, had 1,714 reported STD cases per 100,000 people.

  • HIV Cases: 31,833
  • Chlamydia Cases: 23,724
  • Gonorrhea Cases: 8,136
  • Syphilis Cases: 1,100
Atlanta is the largest metropolitan city in Georgia with a population of 497,642 people. It is the most populous city in Georgia with many growing industries, meaning a constant influx of visitors.

The CDC estimates that there are millions of new STD cases every year in the United States.

Experts say that you can reduce your risk of contracting and spreading infection by using condoms, reducing your number of sexual partners, getting vaccinated for HPV, and regularly getting tested.

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Georgia Contributing Writer
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