If you need an International Women's Day soundtrack, you should probably head over to Shania Twain's TikTok

The Canadian pop-country legend dropped a video on March 8 where she gets out of bed and dances to the tune of her hit song "Man! I Feel like a Woman."

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She shared the video on Instagram as well, captioning it "Let’s go girls!! 💪😘 Join me on @tiktok and tag me in your #letsgogirls videos! ❤️"

So she may or may not have just started the next big social media trend

If you do check out her TikTok profile, you'll see that she's made an International Women's Day playlist which includes the likes of Lizzo, of course. 

Shania Twain has blessed us with endless women's empowerment anthems over the years and it only makes sense that two of her four posts on TikTok would be dedicated to the ladies. 

There's no better way to get fired up than to throw on some of this icon's greatest hit and we might even be able to look forward to more bops in the future. 

The TikTok bio reads "in new music mode," and that sounds pretty promising to us.