Boots And Hearts Is Returning To Ontario In 2022 & Shania Twain Will Be There

Let's go, girls!

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Boots And Hearts Is Returning To Ontario In 2022 & Shania Twain Will Be There

Life's about to get good because Boots and Hearts is officially coming to Burl's Creek in August 2022 with a very exciting Canadian headliner.

The massive event, which is Canada's largest camping and country music festival, is welcoming Shania Twain to the stage as well as artists like Sam Hunt and Florida Georgia Line.

Boots And Hearts 2022 will be Twain's only North American festival performance for the year, as well as her very first appearance at a Canadian music festival.

Twain's performance on August 7 will be accompanied by a lineup of all-female country artists on the main stage.

"We're extremely proud of all the female artists in our lineup and we're excited to showcase their talents alongside the Queen of Country," Brooke Dunford, the director of booking and brand strategy for event producer Republic Live said in a release. "There's no doubt the theme for 2022 is LET'S GO GIRLS!"

Single-day tickets and weekend passes for the festival are already available online, so put on your cowboy hat and get ready to have a little fun at this event.

Boots and Hearts 2022

Price: $110.79 + for general admission

When: August 4 to 7, 2022

Address: 191 Line 7 S., Oro-Medonte, ON

Why You Need To Go: Let your hair hang down at this giant country music festival, where you can see artists like Shania Twain and Sam Hunt.


Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

In Ontario, a vaccine passport is required to access some events, services and businesses, including restaurants and bars.

Get your cowboy boots ready, Canada's country sweetheart is back with a brand new tour for 2018. Shania Twain will be headlining her first tour in two years to promote her new album, Now. 

Shania hinted that her previous tour, Rock This Country, might have been her last saying that "I felt like at that time maybe that was all I had left in me. I really felt that way, but I was so energized by the tour and by the fans...For the first time in my career, I really felt like it was easier—and the fans really gave me more than ever before, for some reason." 

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8 People You Are Guaranteed to See At Boots and Hearts This Year

Boots and Hearts? More like Booze and Darts.

With the approach of another summer weekend, comes yet another festival. For anyone prepping their bags, boots and livers for Boots and Hearts this weekend, or for those of you mentally preparing yourselves for the "FOMO" you will likely feel once the country-themed pics hit Insta, here are 8 people ya'll are guaranteed to meet at Boots and Hearts this year, or any year for that matter.

The Go-Pro Guy

Every festival has one… or many. This dude is serious about documenting his experiences, hence the Go-Pro strapped to his forehead. Honestly, I don’t know if this is a good idea or a disastrous one, given that most of us might want to opt out of the project-x themed replay of our most drunken behaviour, but for those of you willing to risk the public exposure of poor decisions, extreme indecency and impending regret, hang out with this guy. No make-out, wipe-out or drunken slur will be left forgotten or undocumented.

Gif via Giphy

The Glorified Redneck

I’m actually from Texas, so when it comes to Redneck stereotypes I like to think I know my stuff. But Boots and Hearts is literally the yearly stomping ground for the most dedicated and proud of self-proclaimed rednecks. With their lips packed full of chew, their Outdoor world-sponsored hunting outfits and over-sized trucks, these are the Hipsters of the country world and as always they will be taking Boots and Hearts by storm, "eh BAUD!?"

Gif via Giphy

The Girl Who Doesn’t Actually Listen to Country

She will probably be decked out in a cowgirl hat, boots and plaid shirt tied in a knot at her waist to prove just how “country” she is, but if you ask her who her favourite country singer is she will probably scream “OMG Luke BRYAN” and drunkenly mumble all the wrong words to every song that is played throughout the weekend, while she adds #country #bootsandhearts #countrygirlshakeitforme to all her Instagram posts.

Gif via Giphy

The Person So Drunk They Can No Longer Speak

This is the person who will answer a slurred “Yess” paired with a weird, lopsided smirk and vacant eyes when you ask them “How drunk are you dude?” Luckily, they still have some motor skills left intact and you’ll most likely find them walking (just kidding, stumbling) around clad in their plaid and cowboy boots throughout the night but if you are looking to share a deep conversation while Braid Paisley serenades the crowd, look elsewhere, because this person has mentally and verbally checked out of the party.

Gif via Giphy

The Neighbour Who Cooks You Food

Don't be surprised if your drunken behaviour on the first day results in the blatant sacrifice of the majority of your frozen food in favor of cramming as much beer into your cooler as you simultaneously try to cram into your stomachs. Luckily, you will probably have neighbors who will graciously offer up various forms of cooked meat whenever they spot you stumbling around your campsite on the vicious hunt for a bag of chips. Granted, they are probably more concerned about the impending damage your hungry, drunken bodies could cause without the provision of actual food, but these neighbours are always a life-saver regardless.

Gif via Tumblr

The Guy Who Came to Wheel in His Tent 

Not going to lie, having drunken, sloppy sex in a tent or more accurately called, a sauna-like coffin of hardly breathable space, while wrestling around with sleeping bags admist games of flip cup, country music and mid-day hangovers, is not on the top of my usual to-do list. But, without a doubt, you will meet someone whose drunken hormones will take over and have them ambitiously diving into their flimsy tent to attempt the impossible: hot, sweaty, tent-enclosed sex that is mildly enjoyable for both parties. The odds are stacked against them, but I wish them luck.

Gif via Giphy

The Person Passed Out in the Middle of the Field

There will always be at least one person star-fished unapologetically in the field most of the weekend following a few too many rounds of Louisville-chugger. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether or not they are catching a mid-day nap or have slipped into a temporary coma, but they will be there, blissfully and drunkenly oblivious to the boots stomping around their peaceful, dead-weight and likely drooling body while they catch some booze-induced Z’s.

Gif via Giphy

Guys in Short Shorts

Who says daisy dukes and cowboy boots are just for chicks? Guys, by the masses, will cut their old jeans with no regard for modesty to expose their white thighs in all their usually unseen glory. I’m talking blinding white, never-before-touched-by-the-sun thighs staring you in the face until the excess sunshine and beer eventually results in an angry full-body sunburn that will only add to the stark reality of their week-long hangover come the end of the festival.

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10 Dudes From The GTA You're Guaranteed To Meet At A Music Festival

Shout out to the Scarborough dude high-fiving everyone.

Now that we are getting into the middle of July, the summer music fest season is hitting full-swing with the likes of WayHome, Veld, and OVO Fest within the coming weeks. Whether you will be attending your first music fest this year or going for what-seems-to-be the millionth time, you should be aware of the guys you will be mingling with on festival grounds.

There is a diverse array of dudes at any given festival, ranging from that group of guys all wearing penguin onesies to that shirtless guy napping in the middle of a field. Furthermore, it is important to distinguish between the various types of guys you will see at any specific music fest so to prepare for any impending contact.

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