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A Taylor Swift Dance Party Is Coming To A Toronto Club & 2 Nights Have Already Sold Out

Clubbing to Taylor Swift's music sounds pretty RED hot rn.

Toronto Staff Writer
A Taylor Swift Dance Party Is Coming To A Toronto Club & Two Nights Have Already Sold Out

Calling all Swifties, you already dance to Taylor's albums in your room, and now you can jam out in a club with your BFFs.

Toronto is getting two nights of a holiday-themed "Tis The Damn Season: Taylor Swift Dance Party."

The two nights have already sold out but a third night with a yet-to-be-disclosed theme is already in the works.

Taylor Swift recently released her re-recorded version of Red (Taylor's Version) and clubs across North America have been hosting Taylor Swift nights.

Avish Sood, one of the event's organizers, says they were inspired by seeing other Swift parties on social media and wanted to bring it to Toronto with a charitable holiday twist.

The proceeds for the first two nights will be going to The Daily Bread Food Bank and Sood says "the reaction has been crazy."

The tickets for the first two nights have already raised over $13,000 for charity with the second night selling out in two minutes on Monday at midnight.


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Toronto's first taste of the fun will be on December 17 and attendees can expect Swift-inspired decor, drinks and of course music.

The event will start at Call Her Juliet at 8 p.m. and move over to Arcane after 11 p.m. The second night will be on December 26 and go from 8 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. at Arcane.

The first two nights have already sold out but due to the high demand, organizers say they will be having a third night for all of the Toronto Swifties who have yet to score a ticket.

Tickets and a date for the third evening have yet to be released, but Sood says they are looking for a bigger venue to host all of Toronto's Swifties in January or February.

    Brooke Houghton
    Toronto Staff Writer
    Brooke Houghton is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Ontario Desk focused on celebrity news and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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