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Simu Liu Joined In The Urban Dictionary Name Trend & Somehow His Penis Got Involved

We looked up the names "Drake" and "Ryan Reynolds" too! 🙈

Simu Liu Joined In The Urban Dictionary Name Trend & Somehow His Penis Got Involved

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

Marvel actor and Canadian star Simu Liu has shared an unofficial interpretation of his name via Instagram… and it's not for the easily embarrassed!

On Wednesday, November 24, he got involved with the Urban Dictionary name trend that is sweeping social media — where you type your name into the site to generate a bunch of hilarious unofficial meanings and definitions.

While some are flattering, others are not so!

To share their unique name "meanings," people around the globe have been taking to Twitter and Instagram, and it was no different for Liu.

@simuliu | Instagram

"Who the hell wrote this?" he asked on his Insta story, sharing a screenshot of Urban Dictionary's definition of the name "Simu."

It states, "Simu is known for having an abnormally large penis. Ladies are his favourite companions." Eeep!

The movie star has been hitting the headlines more and more recently, particularly after he landed the title role in the Marvel movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. He also appeared on Saturday Night Live recently, as well as an episode of Hot Ones!

Urban Dictionary

He's not the only one with a hilarious unofficial name meaning either, as other iconic Canadian celebs' names have made it onto Urban Dictionary too. This includes Drake who is apparently, "A Canadian rapper who started from the bottom and used to call you on your cell phone."

And… well… the name Ryan Reynolds apparently refers to "the only man the Boys would f*ck with no socks."

Make of that what you will!

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