Simu Liu Was Presented With A Custom Toronto Raptors Jersey During Tuesday's Game (PHOTO)

Too bad the Raps lost! 🇨🇦

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Simu Liu Was Presented With A Custom Toronto Raptors Jersey During Tuesday's Game (PHOTO)

Canadian actor and icon Simu Liu always shows love for the Toronto Raptors and the team has just proved that they appreciate him, too!

On Tuesday, November 30, the Marvel star was at the Scotiabank Arena to cheer on his team as they took on the Memphis Grizzlies.

Liu took to social media to share a few videos that people had tagged him in during and after the game.

In one video, the announcer gives Liu a shoutout while people in the arena can be heard cheering.

In another, the Raptors mascot presents him with the team's home jersey, which featured his last name and the number 10.

@simuliu | Instagram

Unfortunately, the Hollywood star's presence didn't appear to bring the team any luck, as they ultimately lost to the Grizzlies with a score of 98-91.

"Not even Shang-Chi can help us here," someone wrote on their Instagram story, which Liu later shared.

The actor recently revealed how he landed the role of Shang-Chi during his Saturday Night Live monologue on November 20 and it's so Canadian.

"The truth is, I got Shang-Chi how every Canadian gets their big break — by asking politely. For real, for real," he shared. "Back in 2014 — and this is a true story — I tweeted, 'Hey Marvel, great job with Captain America and Thor. Now how about an Asian superhero?'"

At the time, the tweet only got a few likes, but it eventually became reality.

"And five years later, Marvel did make their first Asian superhero movie, and after I got the part, I went online and tweeted, 'Thanks for getting back to me.'"

So polite!

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