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With the price of groceries in Canada on the rise lately, chances are you could be looking for more ways to save money on food.

Because so many products are so expensive right now, it can feel especially bad throwing out something that's past its best-by date, especially if it looks just fine and is just a day or so out of date.

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Sometimes when you head to the grocery store and fill up your cart, it can be a complete shock when you get to the checkout and find out just how much all that food costs.

In fact, according to the January 2022 Consumer Price Index, Canadian shoppers paid 6.5% more for groceries in January 2022 than in the previous month, the largest increase since May 2009.

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If you've noticed your grocery bill getting higher and higher, it's probably because food prices in Canada have gone up over the last year as inflation hit a 30-year high.

Statistics Canada released its annual review of the Consumer Price Index, which measures price changes of consumer goods and services, on January 19 and there was a 3.4% increase for 2021.

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As inflation in Canada reaches a 30-year high, the results of a recent poll found affording groceries is currently "difficult" for almost 60% of the Canadians surveyed.

On January 21, a new study from the Angus Reid Institute was released and it looked into how people are feeling about inflation, financial stressors, housing costs and food affordability across the country.

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If you've noticed the cost of just about everything has been hitting your wallet a little harder, you can thank Canada's inflation rate.

According to an annual report from Statistics Canada, released on January 19, the Consumer Price Index "rose 3.4% on an annual average basis in 2021, following an increase of 0.7% in 2020."

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