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Have you always wondered what it'd be like to hop on board a cruise on Canada's Great Lakes? Well, there is a Toronto cruise that will take you to most of them.

Late last month, PortsToronto announced that Great Lakes cruises are making a comeback to the 6ix after a two-year hiatus, and they welcomed the Viking Octantis ship on its first-ever trip.

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Anyone who's travelled from Toronto to New York knows it's not the worst drive in the world, but what if you had to do it on a paddleboard?

That's the challenge three men, Jeff Guy, Joe Lorenz, and Kwin Morris, will face this June as they make their way across Lake Ontario.

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You'll feel like you're walking on rainbows along this rocky shore in Heron Bay, Ontario. Are you lounging on the French coast or spending a summer in Canada? Your photos will make it tough to tell.

Forgo those typical sandy beaches so you don't miss out on the amazing views from Pebble Beach. Thanks to crashing waves from Lake Superior and shifting ice in the winter, two kilometres of the coast is lined with smooth, polished rocks that seem to shine when wet.

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Considering that our state is almost completely surrounded by the Great Lakes, there are obviously a lot of beaches to choose from. You can't really go wrong with any of them if you're just looking to lay on a towel and soak up the sun. If there's a bit of the treasure hunter in you then you can look to Michigan's lakes to find some cool stones unique to our state!

Petoskey Stones have been the official state stone for over 50 years. The rocks are made from fossilized coral that went extinct probably about 350 million years ago

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On the western coast of our mitten-shaped state, there is one magical Michigan lighthouse that completely transforms during the winter. Every year, the trees and brush surrounding the structure are coated in thin layers of ice and snow. Eventually, they build up into unique statues that can take on ethereal forms and make you wonder whether they can really be natural.

It really looks like Elsa from Frozen came to Michigan to create these pieces of icy art.

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