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yonge and dundas

Safety in Toronto has been quite a concern, given the number of incidents that have occurred in the city lately. But, apparently, this is also worrisome to tourists visiting the 6ix.

TikToker Beau Pinto shared a story about someone who was considering visiting Toronto. The person asked the Torontonian if the city was safe, and the TikToker explained their "rule of thumb" in a video.

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If you've ever hammered down a few bucket rhythms or fiery licks busking at Yonge and Dundas, this Toronto casting call could be your calling, dear aspiring actor (or just someone looking for a side hustle).

Mann Casting is looking to hire several guitar and bucket drum players to appear in an upcoming telecom commercial, and they are paying way more than spare change.

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A chunk of Toronto's downtown core has been left in the dark following a massive power outage.

Hydro One has launched an investigation into reports that a "barge carrying a crane came into contact with high-voltage transmission lines in the city's Port Lands area."

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Of Toronto’s many legendary street characters, Zanta reigns supreme when it comes to shock value and controversy. Unlike other iconic individuals like the Yonge and Dundas “Believe Guy” and The Portuguese Mad Rapper who are generally harmless, Zanta has been involved in a series of incidents that quickly took him from crowd favourite to public abomination.

Zanta may be one of the only local entertainers in the city to have a dedicated Wikipedia page. It offers an interesting look into his crazy life, from the day he first put on that emblematic Santa hat to the day he was forced to retire it forever. 

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When you think of Toronto, a few things probably come to mind - the CN Tower, Drake... the Believe Guy? Yes, the Believe Guy. He's the most iconic local celebrity in the city, having startled tourists and passerbys for several years at his corner on Yonge and Dundas.

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