You're Not A True Torontonian Unless You've Tried 6 Out Of These 11 Burger Spots

Say cheese! 🍔.

Happy Burgers in Toronto. Right: Burgers from Cabano's Cheeseburgers.
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Happy Burgers in Toronto. Right: Burgers from Cabano's Cheeseburgers.

Sometimes you just really, really want to eat a top-notch burger, and thankfully, Toronto has plenty of incredible spots to satisfy your craving.

But when it comes to a good burger, various factors can make or break your experience. For starters, the beef has to taste good, whether you enjoy a smash burger or a thicker patty. Also if you're like me, a greasy or overly beefy-tasting patty can drop a burger to the bottom of the list.

The bun is another crucial component that can define your entire burger experience. No one likes to eat a burger with bread that crumbles everywhere. The experience is already so messy and the bun is there to be the saviour, not the cause of trouble.

Finally, the question I always ask myself is, what makes the burger stand out? Is it the special sauce? The fresh toppings? The presentation?

Whatever the winning element is, you definitely want it to feel special because there are so many other joints in the city competing to have the best burger in Toronto.

If you've been in the 6ix long enough, you should've tried at least 6 of the places mentioned below to consider yourself a "true Torontonian" and burger lover. (OK not really, but you know what I mean!)

Here are the burger places you need to visit in order to taste the best the city has to offer.

Matty's Patty's

Price: 💸💸

Address: 923a Queen St W, Toronto

Why You Need To Go: If you've watched the show The Bear, then you know Matty Matheson. But, for those that don't, not only is he an actor, but he's also a star chef.

Matheson has various popular spots in Toronto, which include Prime Seafood Palace, Fonda Balasm, Maker's Pizza and Matty's Patty's.

The burgers at Matty's Patty's are special because they are pretty unusual and straightforward, which makes them taste great.

Matty's burgers are cooked medium, have mustard sauce, American cheese, sliced white onion and pickles, and are served on a sesame seed milk bun.

They are delicious and the restaurant is located right by Trinity Bellwoods Park, so next time you're feeling a burger and want to enjoy it in a park, might I recommend Matty's Patty's?

Matty's Patty's Menu

Burger's Priest

Price: 💸

Address: Various locations.

Why You Need To Go: Burger's Priest is a staple in Toronto. There are so many locations and it was considered the most popular place for burgers at some point in life.

If you haven't been yet, this is a burger joint you need to try. Their menu is vast and there are many things to choose from. And if you don't like anything you see, ask them about their secret menu, it's wild!

My favourite burger on their menu is the California Classic because the buns are toasted, giving the burger a crunch and the consistency of the sauce with the burger is mouthwatering.

Burger Priest Menu

Burger Drops

Price: 💸

Address: 116 Atlantic Ave, Toronto

Why You Need To Go: Located in Liberty Village, Burger Drops has one of my favourite burgers in Toronto. It literally tastes like a Shake Shack burger because the sauce is refreshing and the burger is light, thanks to the potato bun.

They also have crinkle fries, which are the perfect kind, in my opinion, because they are both crispy and soft. Yum!

If you have a dog, they offer dog burgers, which are perfect for you and your pup.

Burger Drops Menu

Happy Burger

Price: 💸

Address: Various locations

Why You Need To Go: Happy Burger is another one of my go-to burger spots and definitely something you should try. Their beef patties are tender, juicy and flavourful. At the same time, their Happy Sauce and potato bun consistency is mouthwatering.

If you want more than just beef, do not miss out on the Happy Hot Chicken burger, which comes with crispy fried spicy chicken breast topped with coleslaw and pickles served on a potato bun.

Oh, they have waffle fries, too.

Happy Burger Menu​

W Burger Bar

Price: 💸

Address: 10 College St, Toronto

Why You Need To Go: Typically filled with people during the evening, especially on weekends, W Burger Bar has an amazing burger menu and is more than just a smash burger. The W Burger Bar actually has everything from a brisket to a Kobe beef burger.

They even have a lamb burger, made with New Zealand lamb and dusted with their house seasoning.

W Burger Bar Menu

Cabano's Cheeseburgers

Price: 💸 💸

Address: Various locations.

Why You Need To Go: If you haven't had Cabano's Cheeseburgers yet, what are you waiting for? If it's a sign, this is it.

Cabano's has impressive burgers. It's a spot I often order from when craving a burger on a Sunday evening.

They have two locations on opposite sides of the city, meaning you can get a hot burger delivered to your house no matter where you are.

I typically order the Cabano, which comes with a smashed patty, cheese, onions, fried jalapenos, lettuce and their burger sauce.

Cabano's Cheeseburgers Menu


Price: 💸

Address: Various locations.

Why You Need To Go: Rudy's is a popular burger joint in Toronto for good reason. This spot is brought up in a few "best burgers in Toronto" conversations because it has managed to perfect the smash burger.

With five locations in downtown Toronto, you can't go wrong with a Rudy's burger. Whether you go for their chicken like the Valentino or the Classic Rudy, your tummy will feel warm afterwards.

Rudy's Menu

Harry's Charbroiled

Price: 💸

Address: 293 Palmerston Ave., Toronto

Why You Need To Go: Not only does Harry's have delicious beef burgers, but they also have vegan burgers and pork patties for those who want something different.

If you're looking for something light, the Plain Jane should be your go-to, but if you want something heavier, the Big Jane or Double Jane should be your order.

Also, the fries at Harry's are quite memorable. I had their burgers a few years ago and still remember their thick-cut fries' taste and texture.

Harry's Charbroiled Menu


Price: 💸

Address: Various locations.

Why You Need To Go: Rosie's is simple and classic. Their menu has five burgers, including a single, double, triple, chicken sando, and beyond. Don't you just love the simplicity?

You can get fries, onion rings or even a pickle as a side! Their milkshakes look like the perfect addition to any of your meals, so make sure to check them out.

Rosie's Burgers Menu

Holy Chuck Burgers

Price: 💸

Address: Various locations.

Why You Need To Go: Holy Chuck Burgers has a long list of options to choose from, including a halal burger. With 13 burgers on their menu, you simply can't go wrong. Even the pickiest person should be able to find something to eat.

But keep in mind, the burgers are not light. Rather, they are pretty heavy, but having a burger from Holy Chuck in Toronto is a right of passage.

Don't forget to look at their desserts, milkshakes and sides. They look and sound delicious.

Rosie's Burgers Menu

Aloette Go

Price: 💸

Address: Various locations.

Why You Need To Go: Aloette is a fancy Toronto restaurant with a burger many people swear by. But in 2021, the team behind the restaurant opened a burger location called Aloette Go, and it's so yummy.

I've had it twice, once enjoying their beef burger and the other eating the chicken and both times I was impressed.

To be a true Torontonian, you should try the Alo team's food at least once, but if it's out of budget, then Aloette Go is a great and cheaper alternative.

Aloette Go Menu

Mira Nabulsi
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