A TikToker Was Asked If Toronto Is Safe & Their 'Rule Of Thumb' Is Just So True (VIDEO)

Somehow, it makes total sense...🧐

Toronto Associate Editor
TikToker Beau Pinto talking about Toronto safety.

TikToker Beau Pinto talking about Toronto safety.

Safety in Toronto has been quite a concern, given the number of incidents that have occurred in the city lately. But, apparently, this is also worrisome to tourists visiting the 6ix.

TikToker Beau Pinto shared a story about someone who was considering visiting Toronto. The person asked the Torontonian if the city was safe, and the TikToker explained their "rule of thumb" in a video.

The answer, which might confuse people, certainly made sense to fellow Torontonians.


Ah lie fam? 😂 #torontolife #torontotiktok #downtowntoronto #torontoproblems

The TikToker shared that they kept the answer very simple and said this:

"If you're in Toronto, you can pretty much talk to anyone. If you talk to almost anyone here, you know, you ask for directions, anything like that. Most people are nice and kind and safe individuals. But if someone talks to you, that's where things get sticky."

"Does this make sense? No. Is it true? Absolutely," someone commented on the video.

"I completely get it 😂😂 especially as a female," another shared.

"If someone starts off the conversation with 'yo fam' run," a person said, to which the creator responded with "100000%."

The TikToker explained in the video that they "can talk to almost anyone," but the minute that switches around, they know "something's up."

Pinto said they could be "asking me for money, trying to scam me into something, recruit me into some weird religion" — which could be totally relatable to people who walk past Yonge and Dundas square often enough.

A person asked the TikToker, "So with this reasoning how do you expect the person you are talking to, to not ignore you and be friendly 🧐🧐." They answered with, "It's a paradox lol."

"You have to realize that most of us get stopped or solicited at least 3-5 times a day or more. So if you want to talk to someone and ask for directions, for example, you need to get straight to the point," Pinto told Narcity. "You have about 3 seconds or less to let the person know the key point you’re trying to make."

In other words, the "rule of thumb" here is "If you live in Toronto, talk to anyone you want. But if someone starts talking to you, just walk away. Pretend you didn't hear them."

Mira Nabulsi
Toronto Associate Editor
Mira Nabulsi is an Associate Editor for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on cheap travel from Toronto and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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