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6 Florida Universities Just Got Ranked Among The Best In The World

The love is universal for these universities.

Higher education in the Sunshine State is getting some much-needed love. Six Florida universities ranked as some of the best in the world. The colleges made the list out of over 5,500 higher learning institutions worldwide.

The QS World University Rankings announced their scores for 1,000 schools from around the globe.

Each school is ranked based on specific criteria such as academics, faculty/student ration, and international student and facility ratio. Academic reputation receives the largest share, with 40% of a school's ranking being weighed on this one metric.

The six Florida universities that made QS Top Universities list are:

  • The University Of Florida (#=162)
  • The University Of Miami (#291)
  • Florida State University (#456)
  • The University Of South Florida (#581-590)
  • The University Of Central Florida (#701-750)
  • Florida International University (#751-800)

The University Of Florida received the highest score among the six colleges for academics, earning a score of 49.7. Florida State University was second with 26.8, and the University of Miami came in third at 24.2.

The University of Miami was the clear winner in the Sunshine State when it comes to international students, earning a score of 36.7, about seven points higher than the runner-up in this category The University of South Florida.

The University of Florida was tops in employee reputation, earning a whopping score of 51.9.

Gator Nation narrowly beat Florida State in this category, with the Seminoles getting a score of 46.6.

One key metric in QS's ranking is called "citations," which is measured in the number of research papers a school puts out.

In this department, the University of Miami has no equal, with a score of 46.3. The next highest was the University of South Florida, which got a score of 38.9. Both schools were classified as "very high" among research output.

The University of Central Florida received a "high" classification for its research output.

While Florida should applaud itself for making a notable appearance throughout the ranking, the top university on QS's 2021 list was the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, better known as MIT.