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Carole Baskin Got Ripped To Shreds By The Judges On Her Performance Last Night (VIDEO)

It was claws out for Baskin's Eye of the Tiger routine🐯

After Netflix's Tiger King captivated people around the globe, attention was drawn to a certain local character from Tampa Bay — Carole Baskin. While theories surrounding her potentially being behind her ex-husband's disappearance were part of what piqued her recent popularity in the public eye, The Big Cat Rescue owner is now showing up in other televised places. The 2020 season of Dancing with the Stars featuring Carole Baskin aired its opening episode last night, and it might not come as a shocker that the Tiger King star danced to "Eye of the Tiger" as her first song; some spoilers are ahead, you've been warned!

The judges used kind words to describe the routine, "loving the connection" Baskin and Pasha shared on stage, commending her for "going for it" despite Baskin's own admission to having zero dancing experience, and saying it was "well done."

Bruno was the most brutally honest of the judges, admitting that the routine just didn't hit for him, even going so far as to call it "sedated", though the judge said he's sure to see Baskin back next week.

But the scores she received didn't quite reflect the gentle comments seen from the panel.

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Judges Carrie Ann and Derek each gave the Big Cat Rescue owner a 4, while Bruno gave a 3 for a grand total of 11 — the lowest score of the night behind Charles Oakley's 50 Cent routine to "In Da Club," which scored a 12.

Maybe Bruno will get what he asked for and really see Baskin "roar"...if she returns next week that is.

But Baskin's claws-out performance might not be all that caught the eyes of viewers.

An ad ran during the program's commercial breaks bringing attention to the investigation being conducted into Baskin's potential involvement surrounding the disappearance and murder of her ex-husband, Don Lewis. He went missing seemingly without a trace back in 1997 and was declared legally dead in 2002.

The 50-second commercial featured Lewis' daughters Gale, Donna, and Lynda, as well as his former assistant Anne and the Lewis family's attorney John M. Phillips, who introduced themselves and reiterated their quest for justice.

The commercial closed with a reminder about the $100,000 cash reward, directing viewers with information to contact the tipline or law office.

How long Baskin will remain on the show is yet to be seen. Whether she gets removed by producers following a petition started to get her off the show, which has now amassed 6,305 signatures as of this publication, or by way of the ax from voting viewers as she tries to claw her way to the Mirrorball trophy.

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