Season 4 of The Crown was just released on Netflix and one of the shining stars of the series, Gillian Anderson, plays former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. 

When Thatcher is introduced in the series, you get the feeling that you've seen the actress before in another movie or show. 

Well, that other show is Netflix's Sex Education, and Anderson's role could not be more different. 

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In Sex Education, Anderson plays Jean Milburn, an eccentric single mother with a career in sex therapy who's trying to help her awkward teenage son through high school. 

Now, compare that to her role as Margaret Thatcher in The Crown and it's absolutely mind-blowing that Anderson could play two characters that are so different. 

The role of Thatcher is nearly the complete opposite of Milburn — a serious, powerful political figure compared to a bubbly, slightly odd mother. 

It takes a minute for the brain to disconnect Anderson from her role as a sex therapist to portraying one of the most iconic politicians in history. 

All we have to say is — round of applause to Gillian Anderson for her incredible versatility.