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The 'Kinkiest City' In All Of Canada Is A Tiny Little Town In The Boonies Of BC

There's a sex map of other places too.

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The 'Kinkiest City' In All Of Canada Is A Tiny Little Town In The Boonies Of BC

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

Canadians appear to have been getting busy during the lockdown, and a tiny town out west has officially been tapped as the "kinkiest city" in the country.

"The 'Kinkiest City in Canada' can be revealed as Lions Bay, British Columbia - a quaint residential town that grabs the #1 spot in multiple categories including bondage and butt plugs," reads the press release from Lovehoney.

The release also showed that other adult items, such as cock rings and dildos, are the most popular search terms in the town.

The title comes as part of Lovehoney's interactive sex map that shows what fantasies, toys, and desires people are into in Canada from coast to coast.

In Winnipeg, "butt plug" and "strap-ons" were the most popular searched terms, while over in Montreal, the most popular fantasy was "French Maids and Butlers," according to the release.

As for lube flavours, Canadians were reaching for Choconut, Watermelon, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Peach.

"With our latest sex map results, it's great to see Canadians exploring new and different ways to inject more fun and happiness into their sex lives," said Lovehoney Global Brand Director Helen Balmer in the news release.

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