The 'Love Is Blind' Cast Mocked Andrew's 'Phoney' Eye Drops & Even Nick Lachey Joined In


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Andrew Liu putting eye drops in his eyes. Right: Nick Lachey.

Andrew Liu putting eye drops in his eyes. Right: Nick Lachey.

The Love Is Blind reunion episode had its fair share of drama but it also addressed one of the most awkward moments in the season: Andrew Liu's fake tears scene.

The show's co-host Nick Lachey brought up the scene during Episode 12 and the cast was quick to share how they felt about that moment.

Fans probably remember the scene, which happened after Liu proposed to Nancy Rodriguez and she turned him down.

Producers asked Liu on camera how he felt about the failed proposal to Rodriguez, which is when Liu pulled out some eye drops and put them in.

He responded by saying "I never thought I could care for someone that would bring me to tears," as the fake tears rolled down his face.

Liu later addressed that scene and called it "unfortunate," as reported by Us Weekly.

During the reunion episode, Lachey said his eyes were "so dry" and he whipped out a bottle of eye drops before squirting them into his eyes, clearly mocking Liu and that scene.

"Guys, obviously every once in a while there's a moment that comes along that has the potential to literally break the internet," Lachey said. "Andrew and the eye drops were clearly one of those moments this season."

The cast reacted with either shocked expressions, laughter or some thumbs-down gestures.

Vanessa Lachey did add that Liu was invited to the reunion, but he "chose not to come."

"Thank God," Raven Ross responded.

"Thanks for not coming," Zanab Jaffrey added. "It was just a phoney proposal."

The reunion also addressed other uncomfortable moments from the season, including Jaffrey admitting that her former partner Cole Barnett body-shamed her in such a way that she barely ate some days.

The full third season of Love Is Blind, including the reunion episode, is available now on Netflix.

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