The 'Love Is Blind' Women Ripped Andrew's Fake Tear Scene As 'Trash' & He Defended Himself

Even Nancy commented on the scene.

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Andrew Liu "crying." Right: Andrew Liu putting eye drops in his eyes.

Andrew Liu "crying." Right: Andrew Liu putting eye drops in his eyes.

Remember the super cringe scene from Love Is Blind season three when contestant Andrew Y. Liu fake cried on camera with the help of eye drops after being dumped by Nancy Rodriguez in the pods?

Well, now, his fellow female co-stars are sharing their thoughts on the dramatic scene, and they are not holding back from calling Liu out for his crocodile tears.

Zanab Jaffrey did not hesitate to call the on-screen moment "trash" and to "throw it away" when asked about it by E! News.

Jaffrey's take on the scene isn't even the most brutal amongst the season three women from the hit Netflix show.

Raven Ross went so far as to call Liu a "weirdo" for his questionable move.


Alexa Alfia also jumped in and called Liu a "clout-chaser."

However, most people are probably curious about how Rodriguez reacted to seeing it, the woman responsible for bringing Liu's (crocodile) tears.

According to Rodriguez, Liu's way of handling her rejection of his proposal was partly why she said no to him, to begin with. She could sense something was not right.

"I think it's one thing to say, like, 'Through a wall, there's something. You're deceitful; you're too cool, calm and collected. Like, something is up,'" Rodriguez told E! News. "Your senses go up. I think it was a complete depiction of what I was feeling through a wall. This guy's up to something."

The scene in question shows Liu being asked by producers how he feels after his failed proposal to Rodriguez, and after they confirm that the cameras are rolling, he pulls out eye drops from his pocket and puts on a show for the audience.

The seemingly emotional Liu says to the camera, "I never thought I could care for someone that would bring me to tears," with fake "tears" falling down his cheeks.

Since receiving backlash and criticism, Liu has also reacted to the uncut fake tear scene on his social media and called the situation "unfortunate," reported Us Weekly.

Obviously, the scene has garnered much public attention, including reactions from past cast members like Natalie Lee from season two, who made a viral TikTok about it.

Liu's way of dealing with all the attention being thrown towards him was to repost a bunch of the reactions to his Instagram stories with sly comments here and there.

One of the stories from a viewer he reposted show's the scene playing on the screen with the caption, "you're a legend for this. Nancy doesn't know what she's missing!"

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Netflix even took a dig at Liu and posted the clip to their Instagram with the caption, "hmm... we were definitely *not* blind to this moment."

Liu reposted Netflix's post and even joked, "could have at least edited out the pimple, guys," referring to the prominent spot on his chin.

Despite all the backlash, it seems like Liu is not taking the scene too personally.

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