Health Canada is currently undergoing a review of the Novavax vaccine that could be approved for public use in the fight to stop the spread of COVID-19.

According to the public health agency's website, Novavax Inc.'s application to have its vaccine approved in Canada was received on Friday, January 29.

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76 million Max number of Novavax doses confirmed for Canada

According to the Canadian website, they have an agreement in place with the American pharmaceutical company for up to 76 million doses of their vaccine.

In an email statement to Narcity, a spokesperson for Health Canada said the agency was expediting all vaccine review processes but they did not have more information on when an approval decision would be made.

On Thursday, Novavax published a press release that claimed the vaccine showed 89.3% efficacy in their latest U.K. trial, which involved 15,000 participants.

The company said its vaccine includes protection against the new U.K. variant of COVID-19, one of a few virus variants of concern making headlines right now.

Canada is in the middle of a vaccine dose shortage, with fewer doses of the Pfizer vaccine and the Moderna vaccine arriving over the next few weeks than previously expected.

But on Friday, Johnson & Johnson said that their single-dose vaccine was effective against COVID-19, and Canada is expecting up to 38 million doses of that particular vaccine.

Health Canada has a robust website with all the latest information on the vaccine and can answer any questions you may have. Click here for more information.