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The Super Flower Blood Moon Lit Up The Sky Across Canada Last Night (PHOTOS)

Here's photographic proof in case you missed the show. 🌕

The Super Flower Blood Moon Was Stunning Last Night (PHOTOS)

Conditions were cloudy in parts of the country, but the super flower blood moon was still visible across Canada.

This was the first total lunar eclipse visible from Canada in two years according to the Weather Network, and we won't get another "super" total lunar eclipse until 2033.

Luckily, some photographers caught some shots of the gorgeous, red-tinged moon to tide us over until then.

Photographer Harry Sohal in Vancouver caught the full moon hanging out between some clouds at dusk in the city.

A little farther east, Matthew Melnyk snapped a shot mid-lunar eclipse — partway through the process of the moon hiding behind the Earth's shadow.

In Toronto, the moon hung out with all of the biggest sights to see in the city, lighting the sky even more than a bright blue CN Tower did.

The best views of the eclipse were in Western Canada, and it's not hard to see why with this photo from Edmonton.

It's going to be a long 12 years waiting for the next total lunar eclipse, but luckily there are more celestial events to keep us occupied until then.

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