There's A New Dating Trend Called 'Oystering' & It's Not What You Might Think It Is

It shakes up some of the traditions around dating. 🦪

Lemon being squeezed into an oyster. Right: A cell phone with the Bumble logo on screen.

Lemon being squeezed into an oyster. Right: A cell phone with the Bumble logo on screen.

Finding love on the apps can be a whirlwind and "oystering" is the latest dating trend on the scene.

According to Bumble, "oystering" is a term used for people who are living their best life and enjoying being single while exercising their independence.

"This trend encompasses the idea of seeing the world as your oyster after a breakup," the company said.

"Whether you are going back into the dating world looking for a committed relationship or something casual, you are calling the shots on who you want to meet and when you want to go on dates."

According to a survey conducted by the dating app in Canada, 46% of the people who responded said they were ready for a "dating reset."

"Traditionally, women can feel like they’re in the passenger seat of dating, whether that be waiting to get called back or waiting to see if somebody likes them," said Bumble's Sex and Relationships Expert Shan Boodram.

She said that oystering flips that tradition.

"Following a year of growth and self-reflection during the pandemic, women are now seeing dating as their oyster to discover, and are more comfortable taking charge of what they want in their dating lives.”

Getting dumped still sucks, but apparently, single people are making the effort to see the good in the bad after a breakup.

"Now more than ever, singles are feeling empowered about their relationship status (recently single or not) and are taking control of their love lives, whether that means going on lots of dates or none at all," said the company.

It looks like the dating world is your oyster — you do you!

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Sarah Rohoman
Sarah Rohoman is an Editor for Narcity Media focused on Canadian celebrities and is based in Toronto, Ontario.