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Dr. Tam Says Canadians Should Be Respectful If Others Choose To Keep Wearing Masks

Mask mandates are starting to lift in certain parts of Canada. 😷

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Dr. Tam Says Canadians Should Be Respectful If Others Choose To Keep ...

If people choose to continue wearing masks in Canada, the country's top doctor wants everyone to be respectful of their decision.

In a statement put out on July 2, Dr. Theresa Tam said she's encouraging people across the country to keep following public health advice and keep using individual precautions, regardless of their vaccination status, so that their COVID-19 risk is lower.

"During this time of transition, many people may feel more comfortable continuing with individual precautions such as mask wearing and physical distancing," she said. "Let's continue to support each other by respecting each other's personal risk comfort levels."

Tam also mentioned that even though mask mandates are being lifted in parts of the country — including B.C. and Alberta — you might still be required to wear face coverings and maintain physical distancing in some situations where people's vaccination status is unknown.

In June, the Public Health Agency of Canada released guidelines for what fully vaccinated people can do without masks. However, on the same day, the World Health Organization asked people around the world to continue wearing masks even if they're fully vaccinated.

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