TikTok Star Randy Gonzalez Of The Enkyboys Has Died At 35 & He Thought He Had Years Left

He made so many funny videos with his son.

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Randy Gonzalez. Right: Randy Gonzalez on his TikTok with his wife and son.

Randy Gonzalez. Right: Randy Gonzalez on his TikTok with his wife and son.

TikToker Randy Gonzalez, who is one half of the father-son Enkyboys duo, has died at the age of 35, according to reports.

Gonzalez revealed last year that he'd been diagnosed with colon cancer, though he sounded optimistic about it in a video update posted last month.

TMZ reports that Gonzalez died on Wednesday morning while in hospice care, citing a source close to the family.

Gonzalez ran the popular Enkyboys TikTok account alongside his 6-year-old son, Brice Gonzalez. The duo had over 15.7 million followers and many of their skits piled up millions of views.

Some might even know Brice from the NBC show Lopez vs Lopez, in which he plays the character Chance.

The father-and-son duo would regularly post comedy skits, and videos of themselves dancing and lip-syncing, gaining millions of views per video.

Gonzalez would also post videos updating their fans on his health and battle with cancer.

Gonzalez first informed his fans about his stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis in April 2022, although he had been diagnosed six months earlier but decided to keep things private.

He said he was given two-to-three years to live, and with chemotherapy, he could potentially live up to five years.

The second last video posted on the account before his death was the final update on his health, and Gonzalez seemed in good spirits despite revealing that the chemo wasn’t working.


A little update on the family!🙌🏽❤️#enkyboys #enkyboy #enkyboysfamily

In the video, Gonzalez was joined by his wife and son and updated his followers because "a lot of people are asking how [he’s] doing and how the treatment is going."

“It’s going good, except I have to change my chemo because it’s not working right now, but I do feel good,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez shared that he was happy to be back home in Texas with the rest of his family and seemed optimistic in his video.

“We just wanted to give you all an update and let you know the Enkyboys are still here,” Gonzalez said. “We are not posting because of me. Because I’m sick all the time, but we love you all. We miss you all, and we will be back.”

His son Brice chimed in at the end and added, “stay strong.”

The video, which was posted on December 6, now has over 5.3 million views, and the comment section is flooded with condolences and prayers for Gonzalez and the family.


When Brice travels from Texas to California 😆 #enkyboys #enkyboy

“So heartbroken. Rest in Paradise. Sending prayers to your wife and kids. This hit hard, stay strong Brice,” read one of the comments under the video.

Fans have also been donating to a GoFundMe page set up to pay for his treatments.

The Enkyboys posted their last video with Gonzalez a day after the update, and the video, which shows the father and son lip-syncing to a funny audio, has already reached over 9.2 million views.

The Enkyboys' social media account had not posted an update addressing Gonzalez’s death as of Thursday morning.

Narcity reached out to the Gonzalez family for a comment but did not hear back by press time.

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