A TikToker Listed Trudeau's Funniest Moments & He's Done Some Cringey Stuff (VIDEOS)

Never change, Mr. Prime Minister. 🇨🇦

Justin Trudeau trying to kayak. Right: Justin Trudeau selfie.

Justin Trudeau trying to kayak. Right: Justin Trudeau selfie.

When it comes to Canadian politicians, there seems to be no shortage of moments to poke fun at (who could forget Doug Ford vs. the bee?) and Justin Trudeau certainly has a few that'll make you laugh — or wince in second-hand embarrassment.

Over on Tiktok, @qveenjulia, who describes herself as a "Canadian Pizza Bagel," made a few roundups of the times Canada's fearless PM made us cringe just a little.

In one video she shows some brief footage of Trudeau in a boxing match, followed by an interview where the host shows him a picture of what appears to be him and Melania Trump having a smooch.

"It was taken at a moment where we were leaning in to kiss each other on the cheek and the angle makes it look different than it actually is," he rather awkwardly explains.

For some reason, he then attempts to recreate the moment with the person interviewing him to show how the incident between him and Trump got misconstrued, but honestly, it did not do him any favours.

The TikToker then showed the time Trudeau corrected a woman's use of the word "mankind" by letting her know that "We like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind."

Would "peoplesplaining" be the equivalent of "mansplaining," I wonder?

And lastly, in a clip that has to be seen to be properly understood, she pokes fun at the time he appears to seductively remove his shirt.


Reply to @boomer.832 last one belongs in a history book😍 #fyp #canada #ontario #quebec #justintrudeau

In another video, she shared the interview he did with BuzzFeed where he had to put tweets into various categories, such as "cute," "fail" and "yaaas."

In response to a tweet that said "Justin Trudeau is too hot and perfect and I don't trust him," Canada's PM deemed it to be "cute."

In a similarly thirsty vein, @qveenjulia shared the moment Trudeau was called "the sexiest politician alive" and what Sophie thought of the whole thing.

"My wife sort of doesn't believe it," he explained. "She's like 'really?'"

And in a truly "yikes" moment, he once called Quebec's premier "le gross," which means "fat."


Reply to @its_greyy he should just have his own reality tv show at this point #fyp #canada #ontario #quebec #justintrudeau

In a third video, Trudeau's willingness to let himself be turned into a meme was highlighted.

"Hey girl, I didn't put you in my Cabinet, because your place is in my heart," said one meme.

"Hey girl, I might control the Mounties, but I'll never control your uterus," said another.


Reply to @berny_22.x at this point this series is never going to end #fyp #canada #ontario #quebec #justintrudeau

And who could forget the time he ran shirtless at Cherry Beach in 2018? A YouTube video showcasing the PM's workout had a baffling 52,000 views.

Lastly, TikToker @qveenjulia shared a clip of a kayaking disaster where Trudeau can't seem to stay upright. "What is this?" she said of his smiling face while he tried to not drown.

Never change, Justin!

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