A TikToker Breezed Through Pearson Airport Customs With This ArriveCAN App Hack & Here's How

"This was a game changer!'

A TikToker sharing her ArriveCAN tip for going through customs. Right: A terminal at Pearson Airport.

A TikToker sharing her ArriveCAN tip for going through customs. Right: A terminal at Pearson Airport.

While it's no longer mandatory, some travellers are still using the ArriveCAN app, and one person showed just how useful it can be to navigate some of the longest lineups at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ).

A TikToker showed how she was able to breeze through Pearson Airport customs in "under five minutes," using a simple feature on the ArriveCAN app, which she referred to as a "game changer."

Sonia (@soniacphoto) is a travel photographer and told Narcity she's "surprised [the feature] isn’t more publicized."

In her video, she explained that by filling out the Advanced Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) Declaration, travellers are ushered into an express line at customs, "so that you do not have to wait in that absurd line when you get back into Toronto."

The video itself now has nearly 100,000 views on TikTok.


This was a gamechanger! My boyfriend doesnt have a NEXUS pass so I was worried we would be waiting in line with hoards of people once we got off the plane. But this new express line bypasses it all! Finally Toronto Pearson is moving towards some updated technology that will ease some of the absurd lines! Let me know if this works for you! #travel #travelhack #toronto #torontopearsonairport #torontotravel #narcitycanada #narcitytoronto #blogto #traveltips

"You truly just scan your passport and walk through," Sonia explained. "It's incredible."

The comments were filled with people thanking her for this newfound travel tip, and one person even said, "We just did this — took us 5 minutes to get through."

According to Pearson Airport's website, the ArriveCAN app's Advanced CBSA Declaration form can be filled out, "up to 72 hours in advance."

"We encourage passengers arriving in Canada by air to use the Advance CBSA Declaration, which is part of our traveller modernization initiative," the airport says on its website.

Sonia told Narcity she had seen a similar process at Heathrow Airport in London to speed up wait times at customs.

"It’s nice to see that Pearson is taking steps to catch up," she said. "If you’re only travelling with carry-on like we were, it makes exiting the airport incredibly easy and way faster than we expected!"

The ArriveCAN Advanced CBSA Declaration is another online travel hack to add to your arsenal of time-saving options ahead of the busy summer travel season, alongside YYZ Express for reserving your spot in line at Pearson Airport security, and the US CBP Mobile Passport Control app, which can help you skip the line when going through U.S. customs.

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