Someone's Pearson Airport Security Flub Is Going Viral & Apparently It's A Common Mistake

"Security closes? I did not know that 😅."

Ontario Editor
Travellers and a staff member at Toronto Pearson International Air[port (YYZ).

Travellers and a staff member at Toronto Pearson International Air[port (YYZ).

Travelling through Toronto Pearson Airport can be a challenge even on the best day, especially as Canada's busiest airport heads back into some of its busiest months of the year.

Sure, stories of flight delays and cancellations or baggage issues are common, but it turns out one traveller's recent experience at Pearson Airport security involved an issue that for some, has become all too common.

Tiktoker Allison Miceli's (@miceliaj) video has racked up over 400,000 views in one week, as she described her annoyance after showing up at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) dark and early for a morning flight, only to find she wasn't able to get through airport security just yet.

"Me arriving at Pearson Airport at 3:30am, 2.5hrs early as requested for early morning flights, 'it's busy'," reads the caption of her Tiktok video. But the next caption reads "Pearson security, we don't open until 4:00am."


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Based on the comments, Allison clearly isn't the only one showing up early for a flight only to find airport security hasn't yet turned its lights on.

"Literally happened to me in November," wrote @jessiegrimm_. "I arrive at 3 am only to stand like a tool bag for over an hour for the security to open…WHAT WAS THE REASON?!?!"

Another traveller explained how this almost caused them to miss their flight, though they clearly had to take some of the blame.

"Last time I got to my flight 4 hours early, got through security in 15 minutes, and spent 3 hours in the bar. I was so hammered when I got on the plan," they commented, with an ironically-timed typo of the word "plane".

Others shared how they've done the same thing, while one traveller was left searching for an answer about their upcoming flight.

"What?? i have a flight at 6:30am to cancun & have to arrive 3:30am," wrote @neelu1018. "So i should come at 4?"

To be clear, Pearson Airport security screening opens at 4:00 a.m. in Terminal 1 and at 3:30 a.m. in Terminal 3, according to the airport's website. Just like many airlines, the airport also advises travellers to arrive "at least 3 hours in advance for flights to the US and international destinations, and at least 2 hours in advance for flights within Canada."

There is some merit to showing up before airport security actually opens, given how busy the airport can get even that early in the morning, but there are also some online tools available to travellers, which can save you from all of this hassle.

YYZ Express allows travellers to book their spot in line at airport security during peak travel times up to 72 hours before their flight.

You can check it out here, just make sure that your flight is eligible.

If it is, you can use it and not have to wait nearly as long, or worry half as much about getting through airport security on time before your next flight.

Stuart McGinn
Ontario Editor
Stuart McGinn is Narcity’s Ontario Editor and focuses mainly on covering major provincial and local news stories across the province. Stuart is from Ottawa and is now based in Toronto.
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