A TikToker Just Discovered Bulk Barn & Raved About It Being The 'Coolest Place' Ever (VIDEO)

"You need flour? They got it. Some apple pie filling? Why not." 😂

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TikToker ​hayleyshelemey in a Bulk Barn.

TikToker hayleyshelemey in a Bulk Barn.

A Canadian TikToker recently discovered Bulk Barn and she appeared to be totally shook by the whole experience.

While browsing the aisles of the bulk goods store, TikTok user @hayleyshelemey shared her apparent shock and delight over the sheer diversity of items.

"I am currently in the coolest place I've ever been in my whole life," she explained at the beginning of the TikTok. "There's a good chance that these are super popular and I'm just like living under a rock, but I'm in a Bulk Barn."

The camera then panned to some multi-coloured pasta varieties.

"First of all, look at the pasta," she said. "Like, look how pretty."

"Second of all, you can literally get anything," she said while showing off the more liquid goods. "They have honey. They got goddamn peanut butter."


This place is crazzzyyy where has it been all my life #fypシ #fyp #bulkbarn

Not done with her amazement yet, hayleyshelemey listed out some of the staples and unexpected things you can pick up.

"Like, you need rice? They got it," she said. "You need pasta? They got it. You need flour? They got it. Some apple pie filling? Why not."

She also praised the idea of only buying what you need, like one "scoop-a-doop" of a product in order to eliminate food waste.

"Also just looks really fun," hayleyshelemey explained as she showed off what appeared to be containers of colourful sprinkles.

In conclusion, she told her viewers bye and that she'd see them "at the next Bulk Barn."

She's not the only one to be taken completely aback by the bulk Canadian goods store.

An American visited Bulk Barn last year and had this to say about the retailer: "Yo, is this you guys' Disney World or something?"

Not quite, but there's no denying it's pretty magical!

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