Tim Hortons Apologizes For A Mouse Spotting In Ontario & He Doesn't Look Like Remy (VIDEO)

The next Canadian Pixar movie?

A Tim Hortons sign. Right: The mouse in Tim Hortons.

A Tim Hortons sign. Right: The mouse in Tim Hortons.

Tim Hortons is part of many Canadians' daily life, and apparently, that doesn't just mean the human inhabitants of Canada.

A viral video on TikTok seems to show a little rodent enjoying his time exploring the kitchen area of an Ontario Tim Hortons location and it's so gross.

The video in question has amassed nearly two million views, forty-five thousand likes and over four thousand comments. It's only about five seconds long and features a mouse walking around the counter of a Tim Hortons before weaselling its way into a silver food preparation tray.

The caption on TikTok states that the Tim Hortons location is the Napanee, Ontario, with the description calling it "disgusting."


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And while many of us might be pro-rodents in the kitchen after the Pixar movie Ratatouille, it likely seems that this little guy will not be whipping up a Double Double so good it makes a jaded food critic remember his childhood.

No Remys to be found here!

In response to the video, Tim Hortons has issued an apology and official statement to Narcity.

"We were extremely disappointed to see the video shared online at a restaurant that had recent third-party inspections with no deficiencies found — including adherence to pest control standards," said the company.

"Nevertheless, we have zero tolerance for these types of issues and immediately ordered that the restaurant be closed," they added.

Tim Hortons also said that the location in question had undergone a "deep cleaning" and a pest control company found the cause of the problem — a small crevice in the building that allowed the rodent to enter.

Along with the promise that the location would not be opened until the company's "strict standards have been met," the franchise owners also offered an apology.

"They apologize to their loyal guests and have been working diligently to rectify this isolated incident and ensure nothing similar happens again," Tim Hortons shared.

So, rest assured that Timmies claims to be on the case and hopefully, we will see about 100% fewer rodents in the same place we buy Honey Crullers.

Tristan Wheeler
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