Tim Hortons Is Changing Up Its Breakfast Sandwiches & The Bacon Will Be Crispier

English muffins are getting revamped too.
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Tim Hortons Breakfast Sandwich Is Getting Revamped & The Bacon Will Be Crispier

Did breakfast just get a whole lot tastier? These new improvements might make a difference. The Tim Hortons breakfast sandwich is getting revamped and going back to basics.

If you've ever been disappointed by the breakfast sandwiches at Tim Hortons, this is probably good news for you!

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As of July 22 in Canada, Tims is changing up how the classic hot food is prepared and its ingredients to make it better.

The "quality improvements" are meant to make the sandwiches taste the best they ever have and be of the best value to Canadians.

With the bacon, egg and cheese on an English muffin sandwich, there are a couple of changes.

The bacon will be crispier and naturally smoked and the fluffy English muffins have been revamped too.

Plus, the bread of the sandwiches will be buttered so that they're tastier.

This is all part of the back to basics strategy that the company announced earlier in the year. That includes a plan to get rid of artificial colours and flavours from the menu.

There will also be new training for employees and standards put in place so that breakfast foods are more consistent and of better quality.

With the hot breakfast sandwich at Tims, you can get either sausage or three pieces of bacon with a seasoned egg omelette and cheese.

That comes on a homestyle biscuit, toasted bagel or English muffin.

Or you can get it without the sausage or bacon but you can't get a meat-free replacement since the coffee chain got rid of Beyond Meat products in Canada.

They have added some new stuff to the menu recently.

Almond milk is now available across Canada for hot and iced beverages like double-doubles, iced coffees, teas and more.

This summer, the Oreo iced capp was brought back along with two new products — a donut and a blondie bar.

Tims actually has a secret menu and people have been revealing their favourite hacks to get unique and tasty treats.

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