If you have a sweet tooth, this will probably hit the spot. Tim Hortons Oreo treats are finally here and there are three different ones to choose from this year. Or you can have them all!

Oreo madness has once again taken over Tim Hortons locations in Canada.

While the fan favourite cookie flavoured iced capp that's a summer staple is making a comeback, there are two new treats for you to try out.

Tims is making it fancy this year with a new cookie-inspired addition to the dream donut line.

It's a chocolate donut with crushed cookies sprinkled on top with a dollop of that famous cookie filling in the middle. Half an Oreo is then put on top of the creme.

Then there's the new Oreo blondie bar, a chocolate-less version of a brownie that's made with brown butter and brown sugar.

However, there is still that chocolatey goodness because chunks of the cookies are baked into the bar.

You can get these tasty treats through delivery, takeout or at the drive-thru.

A medium cup of the iced capp is $3.79 while the dream donut and blondie bar are both $1.99 at Tims.

That's not including tax and prices may vary.

If you've been awaiting the return of the Oreo iced cap, you don't have to wait anymore.

On social media, lots of people have been asking about it coming back and then rejoicing when they saw it was available when ordering.

Tims confirmed on Twitter that the cookie drink is back on the menu and even they're excited about it.

"The perfect way to beat the summer heat," they said in a tweet.

Tims recently introduced almond milk at locations across Canada so that people have a dairy-free option.

It can be added to hot beverages like coffee and tea along with cold ones like iced coffees and iced capps.

To keep the proper distance apart in-store, Tims took a very Tims approach to it instead of using feet or metres.

People are being asked to stand 46 Timbits apart and someone actually tested it out.