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You Won't Be Able To Get Double Cups For Hot Drinks At Tim Hortons As Of November

They're going to be more like Starbucks now.
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Tim Hortons Cups For Hot Drinks Will Have Sleeves Instead Of Double Cupping Soon

All Tim Hortons cups for hot drinks will come with recyclable cardboard sleeves soon and you won't be able to ask for double cups anymore.

In November, Tims is ending the practice of double cupping steaming hot beverages to make them easier to hold.

You'll get a cardboard sleeve instead that's made from 100% recycled material and is 100% recyclable itself.

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November 4 when double cupping will no longer be allowed

Starting on November 4, Canadian locations will stop double cupping and only give people those recyclable cardboard sleeves.

This is expected to eliminate more than 200 million cups a year which is equivalent to wrapping half of Earth's circumference with Tims cups.

Last year, the retailer was found to be one of the biggest plastic polluters in Canada for the second year in a row.

Starbucks and McDonald's were also on the list of wasteful companies.

Tims has already announced plans to get rid of plastic straws and replace plastic-lined sandwich and bagel wrappers with a paper-based one.

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