Smile Cookies Are Coming Back To Tim Hortons For An Entire Week This Month

They're only $1!
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Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Week Is Happening Soon Across Canada
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Are you excited? It's almost that time of year again. You can get your hands on a Tim Hortons Smile Cookie for an entire week this month and it's going to be so tasty! Plus, it helps a good cause.

If you've been anticipating finally getting those famous cookies with blue and pink icing again or just having a laugh at how the faces are messed up, the wait is almost over.

Smile Cookies are going to be available for an entire week at Tim Hortons locations across Canada from September 14 to September 20.

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The cookies are $1 each plus tax.

You can get one or a couple depending on how hungry you are while also supporting your community.

Everything tastes better when it's for a good cause, right?

With every cookie sold, 100% of the proceeds go to local charities that help the area the restaurant is in.

That includes hospitals, food banks, children's programs and so many more places.

So if you visit one of their coffee shops in Sudbury, Ontario and buy a Smile Cookie, the proceeds will go to Health Sciences North Foundation which raises money for health care.

In Nanaimo, B.C., you can help out the new ICU at Nanaimo Regional General Hosptial.

For this annual Canadian tradition, Tims takes chocolate chunk cookies and adds eyes in blue icing and a smile in pink icing.

Sometimes that doesn't quite go as planned and the treats have different looks to them.

Every time Smile Cookies come back across the country, people love sharing on social media about how weird theirs look.

Some have been missing an eye and one even looked like a poop emoji.

Last September, Tims raised $9.8 million for 550 charities, hospitals and community groups across the country during Smile Cookie week.

Can that be beaten this year?

Recently the chain dropped a fall menu that's full of seasonal goodies.

So you can get a pumpkin spice latte or iced capp to go with your smile cookie.

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