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6 Jobs In Ontario That Will Pay You Over $100K To Work From Home

You'll never have to leave your couch.

6 Jobs In Ontario That Will Pay You Over $100K To Work From Home

If you're looking to get paid while working from your couch, there are currently multiple Ontario remote jobs that are hiring and willing to pay big.

Currently, there are companies looking to hire pajama-rocking workers for salaries of over $100K, so you might want to start getting your resume ready.

However, make sure to see if you qualify before applying because some of these positions require a certain set of skills.

Vice-President of Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation And Construction

Salary: $150,000 a year

Company: Government Of Canada

Who Should Apply: Anyone with at least five years of experience in manufacturing, production, construction and agriculture.

Apply Here

Director of Open Source

Salary: $159,000-179,000 a year

Company: Formidable

Who Should Apply: Anyone with at least five years of experience developing modern JavaScript applications.

Apply Here

Director, Customer Success

Salary: $75,000-110,000 a year

Company: Swept Technologies

Who Should Apply: Anyone with at least five years of experience in a "customer success capacity" and a minimum of two years of leading and managing people.

Apply Here

Vice President Of Trade, Broadcasting And Other Services

Salary: $115,000 a year

Company: Mikon Properties Inc.

Who Should Apply: Anyone with at least three years of experience in finance and administration who is comfortable in leadership roles.

Apply Here

Program Director

Salary: $105,000 a year

Company: Highline Beta

Who Should Apply: Anyone with a strong background in program management and related job experience.

Apply Here

​Head Of Regions, Americas​​

Salary: $93,300-120,000 a year

Company: Canadian Red Cross

Who Should Apply: Anyone with a master's degree in international relations, political science, sociology, health or a related field as well as at least 10 years of related work experience.

Apply Here

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