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​Person working form home. Right: CN tower.

Person working form home. Right: CN tower.

Landing a job can be difficult at any time, never mind finding one with a decent salary. But if you're just entering a field, getting out of school, or simply switching things up—the search can be even more gruelling. Employers seem to want talented and experienced hires, but sometimes you have all the skills, just nothing on the resume yet.

Thankfully, here are seven remote jobs that will pay you $100,000 without requiring tons of on-the-job experience, because you need a job to get that experience, right?

Gameplay Programmer

Salary: Up to $125,000 a year

Company: Tactic Studios

Who Should Apply: You know the ins and outs of C++ or Java and how to code 3D games. You also consider yourself a self-starter and have experience with modelling or animation.

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Real Estate Agent

Salary: $51,503–$202,965 a year

Company: Cityscape Real Estate

Who Should Apply: Thankfully, you don't need much experience in this role because the company is looking for new and experienced agents. You'll just need to have finished a real estate licensing course.

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General Course Tutor

Salary: $50–$120 an hour

Company: Savvypro Education

Who Should Apply: Anyone with a bachelor's degree who can speak both English and Mandarin. The ideal candidate will also be able to motivate students of all levels and has a reliable internet connection.

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Pain Specialist

Salary: $250–$300 an hour, part-time

Company: Medical Marijuana Consulting Clinic

Who Should Apply: Do you enjoy all things cannabis? Well, for this job, you'll need a medical doctorate and just one year's experience authorizing cannabis. If you have a passion for cannabis-based products and solid communication skills, then make sure to apply.

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Inside Sales Representative

Salary: $90,000–$110,000 a year

Company: HomeStars

Who Should Apply: If you have an education in sales/marketing or one to two years of experience selling but are also comfortable with cold-calling people and handling fast-paced environments, then shoot your shot, friend.

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Greenhouse Experience Program Scheduler

Salary: $100,000+ a year

Company: Deloitte

Who Should Apply: Anyone who has worked in a client-facing and customer service environment. The chosen hire will also be great with Microsoft Suite and have great project management skills.

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Psychotherapist (Virtual)

Salary: $80–$100 an hour

Company: YourBest Mental Health Services

Who Should Apply: If you have a master's degree and are registered with a relevant college for psychotherapists. But, it's also worth noting that you'll need a solid internet connection and want to develop a good rapport with clients.

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