A Bag Full Of Sexy Items & A Guitar Are Just Some Of The Things Left Behind On GO Transit

That's going to be an awkward pick-up.

Toronto Staff Writer
A Bag Full Of Sexy Items & A Guitar Are Just Some Of The Things Left Behind On GO Transit

Anyone who's ever forgotten something in a daze while commuting on a Go Train knows how gut-wrenching it can feel, especially if that lost item is as fun as a guitar or a bag full of adult items.

On Wednesday, Metrolinx's Lost and Found department released a list of its greatest misplace hits of 2021, offering a look at how the city has changed since COVID-19.


Metrolinx | News Release

It looks like someone won't be rocking out anytime soon.

“A recently left behind beauty of a guitar, that I like to imagine is owned by a brooding rock star, is soon to be — I hope — claimed. I may wait around until he comes back for it," Anne Marie Aikins, a Metrolinx spokesperson, said during a tour of the Lost and Found office.

Personal Electronic Devices

Metrolinx | News Release

As you could've guessed, one of the most common things people forget on Go Transit is their cellphones, but handheld gaming systems, AirPods, and iPads also frequently go missing.

A Grill

Metrolinx | News Release

We're guessing whoever left this beauty behind is kicking themselves right now, especially if it was a hunger-fuelled impulse buy.

A Gym Bag Full Of Sexy Items

Metrolinx | News Release

"The annual Toronto sex show may be on pause throughout the pandemic, but there’s currently a gym bag full of unique intimate items in the Lost and Found. If it’s yours, we promise there will be no questions asked," Aikins stated.

Scarves, Mittens and Gloves

Metrolinx | News Release

Since Ontarians spend a big chunk of the year in freezing cold temperatures, it's not surprising that Metrolinx has boxes upon boxes of missing cozy wear.

If any of these things look familiar or you wish to inquire about a recently lost item, you can head over to The Lost and Found office, located in the York Concourse in Union Station, 35 York St., or reach the department at 416-202-1600.

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