A Group Of Torontonians Set Up A Pokémon Halloween Display With Nearly 100 Pumpkins

The display includes every Gen 4 Pokémon!

Toronto Staff Writer
A Group Of Torontonians Set Up A Pokémon Halloween Display With Nearly 100 Pumpkins
@adrian4evr | Instagram, Courtesy of Adrian Kieda

Halloween might be over, but there is still spooky fun to be had – especially if you're a Pokémon fan.

For the fourth year, Adrian Kieda, a Toronto YouTuber, has created a massive Pokémon pumpkin display on his front porch on Tarragona Boulevard in Toronto, and this year it includes over 90 pumpkins depicting Gen 4 Pokémon.

Kieda told Narcity the display took over six days for him and his friends to create, with the group working four to six hours a day.

He says he had the help of about 12 friends who worked with him in the evenings carving 90 to 95 pumpkins to be ready for this weekend.

The well-loved display has become a tradition for people in the community, and this year, Kieda says they had "a lady who said she brought her nephew to go trick-or-treating in [their] neighbourhood, just so they could see the display because they love Pokémon."

"There's a lot of people pretty excited about it on the internet, but also its really cool, it is in the community," he said. "People make the walk every year just to see the display."

The display started as a joke among friends four years ago, but Kieda says it got "such a good response" that they did it again the next year and the year after that and the year after that.

While Kieda is a fan of Pokémon, he says the display's theme came around after he and his friends were joking around and thought, "what if we carve all 151 original Pokémon?"

From there, they found a pumpkin supplier from Andrew Farm Market & Winery and have been in the holiday display game ever since.

This year Kieda says he spent about $250 on pumpkins for over 90 pumpkins, which he says is a reduced deal from the farm.

"They love what we do, so we still get this ancient bulk deal for pumpkins, which is great."

The pumpkin display will have an encore performance tonight, and depending on how they are holding up, Kieda says it may still be viewable on November 2.

Afterwards, Kieda says the pumpkins will be sent to a local farm and used as pig food.

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