Pumpkinferno Is Coming To 2 Cities In Ontario This Fall With Thousands Of Glowing Pumpkins

The Halloween wonderland is back!🎃

Pumpkinferno Is Coming To 2 Cities In Ontario With Thousands Of Pumpkins
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This fall, you'll be able to enter a Halloween wonderland illuminated by thousands of glowing pumpkins. Pumpkinferno is returning, and it will be happening at both Upper Canada Village and Fort Henry.

Both locations will offer a unique magical experience with around 7,000 hand-carved artificial pumpkins.

The highly anticipated event at Upper Canada Village is happening from September 24 to October 31.

It will have new exhibits to explore, like The Roaring 20s and Area 51, in addition to popular past exhibits.

While Fort Henry will transform into an enchanting illuminated experience from October 1 to 31 and some of the themed areas include the Dragon's Lantern Lair, Night At The Gallery, and Steampunk Station.

To attend, you'll be able to pre-purchase your timed-entry ticket from September 7. No tickets will be available at the gate.


Price: $20 per person (Upper Canada Village), $18 per person (Fort Henry)

When: September 24 – October 31 (Upper Canada Village), October 1 – 31 (Fort Henry)

Address: 13740 County Rd. 2, Morrisburg, ON & 1 Fort Henry Dr., Kingston, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can explore two spectacular sites filled with thousands of glowing pumpkins!


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Stephanie White
Staff Writer