A New Documentary Puts A Secret Ontario 'Pizza City' On The Map & It's Streaming Now

There are five things that make it special.🍕

Windsorite with pizza boxes at the riverfront. Right: Windsor style pizza from Capri.
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Windsorite with pizza boxes at the riverfront. Right: Windsor style pizza from Capri.

You have likely heard of popular types of 'za such as Chicago-style and New York-style. There is a small Ontario city that also has a unique way of making this popular dish and one local is ready to put the city's pizza on the map.

The new documentary about Windsor-style pizza, The Pizza City You've Never Heard Of, is now streaming on CBC Gem and is premiering nationally on CBC TV on September 17 at 8 p.m.

The film follows George Kalivas, Director of A&R at Warner Music, as he road trips around his hometown of Windsor, Ontario to prove that its style of pie deserves to be included among the top pizza cities in the world.

"This film is somewhat of a love letter to my hometown and the hard-working, family-over-everything essence that it has to offer," says Kalivas in a press release. "I truly hope that the film causes a ripple effect in future coverage of the region, its incredible pizza culture, and the amazing families behind it all."

Windsor not only has the most pizzerias per capita in all of Canada but some of its local joints have up to 20 locations across the city. According to the press release, many pizza places also export Windsor-style pizza all over North America to former locals that have moved away. The release also states that "Franchise pizza places don’t work well in Windsor."

"The pizza city you’ve never heard of is a true passion project, full of ambition and soul with entertaining characters which could have been cast in the Sopranos," Janet Zuccarini from Top Chef reviews in the press release.

As you'll learn in the film, there are five main components that make Windsor-style pizza the tasty gem that it is; a flour and cornmeal mixed crust, a sweet tomato-based sauce, Galati mozzarella cheese, canned mushrooms and shredded pepperoni.

"It's just logical," Robert Bertozzi, Windsor chef and restaurant owner, explains in the documentary.

The documentary is available to stream in the United States as well on Tastemade on September 20. Tastemade is available across streaming platforms including Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video and more.

The Pizza City You've Never Heard Of

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When: Streaming September 16, 2022, on CBC Gem, premiere September 17 at 8 p.m. on CBC TV

Why You Need To Watch It: Discover a hidden pizza city in this Canadian documentary that will make you want to travel down to Windsor for a slice.


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