AJ McLean From The Backstreet Boys Visited A Toronto Nail Salon & Showed Off His Skills

He wasn't messing around 💅.

Toronto Staff Writer
AJ McLean painting a fans nails. Right: AJ McLean posing for a picture.

AJ painting a fans nails. Right: AJ posing for a picture.

Backstreet's back, Toronto! Well, sort of.

The Backstreet Boys' AJ McLean visited Majesty's Pleasure, a Toronto nail salon, this week in a promotional appearance for his new show The Fashion Hero: A New Kind of Beautiful.

According to Jeff Armstrong, the co-founder of Majesty's Pleasure, guests enjoyed sipping on healthy mocktails inspired by episodes of the show while McLean spoke about his love for nail art during the small-scale event.

"He was an incredible spirit," Armstrong shared with Narcity. "Sharing his creativity, stories from his touring days, highlighting the upcoming shows and showing off his nail art skills."

"He may have even hummed a few of his all-time greatest hits while he patiently painted and chatted with guests," he added.

AJ McLean standing alongside a poster about his upcoming TV series.AJ McLean standing alongside a poster about his upcoming TV series.Paramount+/George Pimentel

The appearance is nothing new for McLean, whose beauty company, Ava Dean, is known to do pop-ups.

That's right! He's done it before. In fact, the Backstreet Boy has made something of a habit out of painting the nails of his fans.

"Everyone gets to sit down, say hello, get a photo and have their pinky painted by him with the Ava Dean polish," Armstrong noted.

While having a 90's icon hum in your store is enough to make anyone emotional, the owner also opened up about why the promotion resonated with them.

Armstrong said this about his interaction with McLean:

"I was happy to happen to be visiting the venue during the activation and meet and chat with AJ as another male as interested as I am in how nails and nail art have become an extension of fashion and statements individuality for all genders."

If you want to check out The Fashion Hero: A New Kind of Beautiful, you can find it on Paramount+ as of March 31, 2023.

Patrick John Gilson
Toronto Staff Writer
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