Andre De Grasse Says This Canadian Celeb Would Win A 100m Race Against Drake (VIDEO)

Is it Ryan Reynolds, The Weeknd, or Ryan Gosling?

Andre De Grasse. Right: Drake.
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Andre De Grasse. Right: Drake.

Being a runner isn't easy, especially if an entire country counts on you for some Olympic wins. But thankfully, Andre De Grasse has got Canada to support him to excel in his career, but for Drake, he might find some difficulty trying to win a couple of races.

In fact, De Grasse, a six-time Olympic medalist, who took home a gold medal in the 2020 Olympics 200-metre race, told Narcity that if Drake, Ryan Reynolds, The Weeknd and Ryan Gosling faced off in a 100m race that Drake probably wouldn't win.

Actually, the Olympian said, "I think maybe Ryan Reynolds probably is gonna win. Yeah, I watched his movies, Deadpool and everything. And he's looked pretty fast. So I gotta go with him."

Who do you think would come in second place then? Well, Andre believes it would be Drake, because he plays basketball, of course, and then The Weeknd. But, sorry, not sorry, Ryan Gosling, maybe stick with the dance moves instead.

Andre De Grasse Says This Canadian Celeb Would Win A 100m Race Against Drake.

Andre's 2020 Olympics win was Canada's first track gold medal since 1996 and the first gold medal in the 200m since Percy Williams' win in 1928. Last month, he led the Canadian team to win gold in the 4x100m race at the World Championship.

De Grasse said that he has known his team since 2015 and that they've been "talking about this moment for so long."

"It was just great to be able to make history. And, you know, it's been 25 years since Canada has done anything like this. So I feel it's great for myself to be a part of that."

Besides running around the world, Andre says it feels "good to just come home." Last week, the runner was visiting family and hanging out with friends in Toronto, but he was also in the 6ix to launch his new product, Cheezmade, alongside Tre Stelle.

Cheezmade is a chicken-less burger and nuggets made with 100% real Canadian cheese. He says "it's very nutritious" and something he "loves to eat," especially after practice or in between training.

But, next time you're thinking of going out for a run, maybe you should hit up some of the athlete's favourite training spots in the city like Bill Crothers Secondary School in Markham or even at York University's field, and then enjoy some Cheezmade.

And remember, if making it to the Olympics is your goal, then "you got to make sacrifices, you got to put in the hard work, and just have that great work ethic," but also remember to "always have fun."

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