Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Spotted Biking In Toronto With His Old Co-Star Tom Arnold

They are working together after 28 years.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Arnold riding their bikes in Toronto.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Arnold riding their bikes in Toronto.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was spotted biking in Toronto, but not on his own this time, but rather with an old partner of his.

Have you seen the 1994 film, True Lies? If not, "you're fired."

Schwarzenegger posted a picture of himself on a bike with his old co-star Tom Arnold on Sunday and the pair look so happy!

The True Lies actors, Tom Arnold and Arnold Schwarzenegger, have a photo on the internet together about 28 years after their movie debuted and are working together again. WHAT!

In the photo, the two Arnolds have halted on the street in Toronto with a TTC streetcar in the background, wearing shirts that say "FUBAR" on them and comments on the photo revolve around people begging to know where the shirts are from.

"Reunited with my old partner," reads The Terminator's Twitter caption.

Please don't try this at home, kids, but the former governor of California was also holding a cigar in his mouth while on the bike. So typical, isn't it?

One person on Twitter commented saying, "Smoking a cigar while riding a bicycle? I'll never be that cool."

A Redditor commented, "The cigar makes this already perfect scene even more perfect! Thank you 😊"

Oh, Arnolds, why do you have to be so awesome.

A couple of days earlier, Tom Arnold posted a picture of the duo, both with cigars in their mouths and big smiles alongside it.

"Me and the other Arnold make it a point to work together every 28 years," reads the Twitter caption.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was reportedly filming a new Netflix series called Utap in Toronto.

Additionally, What's On Netflix reported that the series will have eight episodes in its first season and will be based on True Lies, a comedic action film Schwarzenegger previously starred in with Tom Arnold in 1994.

Is that why the duo are in town? You'll just have to wait and see.

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