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There are so many celebrities in Canada at the moment that you may just run into them if you're out and about!

Over the last few days, the country has been a hotspot for some world-famous stars. From DJ Khaled crashing a Pedal and Pub bike tour to Adam Sandler playing hoops in a Toronto park, they're certainly enjoying the Canadian summer. Here's a look at how some stars are spending their time.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger was spotted biking in Toronto, but not on his own this time, but rather with an old partner of his.

Have you seen the 1994 film, True Lies? If not, "you're fired."

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Arnold Schwarzenegger was spotted biking around Toronto this week, and fans have had the sweetest reaction to his choice of transportation.

Schwarzenegger is in Toronto filming his new Netflix series Utap, but it seems the actor has been making time to enjoy the nice weather and travel through the city on two wheels.

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The famous Terminator is in town, and he is being spotted all around Toronto. On Saturday, Arnold Schwarzenegger was seen in this famous Toronto restaurant, where, apparently, no one really noticed him till he was leaving.

"Hasta la vista, baby!"

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The one and only Terminator is reportedly in Toronto!

Arnold Schwarzenegger is believed to be filming his new Netflix series, Utap, in Toronto, according to reports.

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