6 Times Adam Sandler Proved He Was A Man Of The People In Toronto (VIDEOS)

He crashed a basketball game and a first date!

Adam Sandler with fans in Toronto.

Adam Sandler with fans in Toronto.

Adam Sandler is in Toronto filming his new movie You Are SO Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah!and the star is quickly becoming a man of the people in the 6ix.

Unlike some celebrities who only travel in blacked-out SUVs and dine in private rooms, Sandler has been out and about mingling with the people of Toronto, and fans are loving it.

From casually walking the streets to playing pickup basketball, Sandler has been living his life in Toronto like a pretty normal guy.

The major celebrity has been seen all over the city rubbing elbows with his fans, and here are six times Sandler made them fall in love with him all over again.

Pickup basketball game

On June 25, Sandler hooped it up in a pickup game with total strangers at Ramsden Park.

21-year-old Ismail Abdelhalim previously told Narcity that Sandler just came up to his hoop and started shooting.

After some chitchat, Sandler asked the young man if he wanted to play with him.

"At the end of our games, he told me I was actually good at playing basketball, and that meant a lot coming from him," said Abdelhalim.

Playing catch with a toddler in the street

@oliviawylupek didnt even realize it was him until he walked right passed me #adamsandler#adamsandlertiktok#toronto#yorkville#foryou#fyp ♬ original sound - Edits💫

​Sandler was spotted playing catch with a toddler in Yorkville while walking down the street, and Olivia Wylupek managed to capture a video of the sweet moment and post it to TikTok.

 Chatting with a young boy

Sandler took the time to chat with an 11-year-old boy outside of a Yorkville restaurant, who, luckily enough, managed to meet Drake and Sandler on the same night.

On July 8, Sandler chatted with fans outside of ONE restaurant and told Harrison he was a "good boy" and would do well in school.

"I never thought Adam Sandler would give me a pat on the chest or a high five. It was cool. It was awesome," Harrison previously told Narcity.

Giving a couple the best first date story ever

Sandler stopped to say hello to a couple on their first date, and they captured the moment in an adorable video.

Meezy posted the video to Twitter with the caption, "Meeting Adam Sandler while on a date wasn't on my pride weekend in Toronto bingo card but 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾"

Meezy said Sandler was walking down the street with a group when they spotted him and was "totally chill!" when they went up to say hello.

"He fist bumped us and was super nice about taking a photo with us!"

Taking selfies at an ice cream shop 

Sandler visited Summer's Ice Cream in Yorkville recently for a sweet treat and took the time to take selfies with the staff.

Store managers Franz G. and Jennifer B. told Narcity that even customers were lining up to take selfies with the actor, who was "pretty chill."

Stopping to take selfies on set

Sandler was seen filming in Port Credit, according to a tweet posted on June 30 but that didn't stop this humble king from taking the time to take a quick selfie with a fan.

Sandler will most likely be in Toronto for a bit longer, with his film set to wrap production in Toronto on August 12, so you may have an opportunity to meet the Sandman yourself.

Brooke Houghton
Brooke Houghton is a Creator for Narcity Media focused on celebrity news and is based in Toronto, Ontario.