Someone Apparently Mistook A Toronto City Councillor For Adam Sandler & Was 'Unimpressed'

Imagine the Sandman in a City Council meeting.

Adam Sandler. Right: Toronto city councillor, Josh Matlow.
Toronto Associate Editor

Adam Sandler. Right: Toronto city councillor, Josh Matlow.

Seeing a celebrity walk the streets of Toronto is pretty common, so much so that one woman apparently thought she saw Adam Sandler instead of a local city councillor.

On Tuesday, August 23, the city councillor for Toronto-St. Paul's, Josh Matlow, tweeted about his interaction with a woman somewhere on Eglinton last night.

According to Matlow, she had approached him and said that he "looked familiar" but didn't initially say who Matlow reminded her of.

"She then looked closely at me and yelled out, 'I know who you are!'. I smiled and responded, 'Yes, I'm your city councillor'," the tweet reads.

Apparently, though, Matlow wasn't actually who she thought he was.

"'Oh', she replied (clearly unimpressed), 'I thought you were Adam Sandler'."

Now, to this unidentified woman's credit, Sandler was in town filming his new movie You Are SO Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah!

All summer long the Sandman was spotted throughout the 6ix.

Sandler shot some hoops with a group of complete and total strangers at Ramsden Park, and he gave an 11-year-old a high-five and words of encouragement after dinner at Toronto's ritzy Yorkville neighbourhood.

Tons of locals snapped pics with the Sandman, too, so a sighting wasn't that uncommon for Torontonians over the last few months. A dog groomer in the 6ix even spotted Sandler's bulldog, Bagel, and got to groom the pup, too.

But, it looks like Sandler's movie might have wrapped up and finished filming. In the casting call looking for extras in his latest project, they were looking to hire background actors up until August 12, which was just under two weeks ago.

Hard to say if the city counsellor is a real Sandler lookalike, or if it was just one fan's wishful thinking.

Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor