Adam Sandler's 'You Are SO Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah!' Was Spotted Filming In Ontario

Have you spotted Sandler yet?

Adam Sandler. Right: City of Mississauga.

Adam Sandler. Right: City of Mississauga.

Adam Sandler's upcoming movieYou Are SO Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah! has been spotted filming all over Ontario, and it seems production for the film is underway.

The Happy Gilmore and Uncut Gems actor has recently been spotted hanging out in Toronto, with multiple locals photographing the comedy legend in Yorkville.

But, despite multiple sightings of the actor in downtown Toronto, his upcoming movie seems to be filming outside the city for now.

A Twitter user posted photos of what appears to be Sandler on set in Port Credit, Mississauga, on June 30.

In the photos, Sandler takes a selfie with the fan, where production trucks can be seen in the background, set up in front of what appears to be a residential house.

Another Twitter user posted a picture of a sign on the film's set in Oakville on June 29.

Sandler was spotted in Mississauga again, according to a tweet posted by the Fire Chief of the Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services on July 1, showing the actor posed in front of a "Bickle fire truck."

Sandler's movie, You Are SO Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah!, is set to film in Ontario from June 29 until August 12, so there will surely be more sightings of the film's production.

Brooke Houghton
Brooke Houghton is a contributing writer for Narcity Media based in Toronto, Ontario.