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K-Pop Band BTS Just Cancelled Their Canadian Show & Fans Can't Deal RN

Here's what to expect if you already bought tickets.

BTS Toronto Concert Has Been Cancelled & Fans Can't Deal RN

It's official: The BTS Map Of The Soul show in Toronto was just cancelled.

With the Toronto concert originally scheduled to be held in May 2020 at the Rogers Centre, North American leg of the group's tour was postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19 restrictions a month prior, leaving Toronto's BTS Army hanging for an update. But it looks like fans in Toronto and around the globe are going to have to wait to see their favourite K-pop supergroup live, as the Map Of The Soul tour was cancelled worldwide.

Ticket holders were notified of the cancellation via email yesterday, and one Twitter user shared a screenshot of the email.

"Our company has worked hard to resume preparations for the BTS MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR, knowing that all fans have been waiting eagerly and long for the tour," read the email sent by BTS management, Bighit Music. "However, due to changing circumstances beyond our control, it has become difficult to resume performances at the same scale and timeline as previously planned. Therefore we must announce the cancellation of the BTS MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR."

Brokenhearted fans in Toronto shared how they felt about the unfortunate update on Twitter.

"I'm [devastated] rn I'm not gonna lie. I've held onto my floor seats this whole pandemic. And now IF they go on tour I'm gonna have to face ticketing with a fandom whose doubled in size and armies from butter era. I'm gonna cry," Twitter user JimMini_3 tweeted.

Another user shared how they'll forever dream about everyone dancing and singing together under the stars. "The thought of the [CN] tower lit purple and the drones forming the BTS logo...it will happen and it will be beautiful."

"We were so looking forward to seeing you @BTS_twt for the first time in Toronto. Can only imagine how devastated the 7 of you are all feeling right now," wrote one fan. "Know that we will continue to love and support you in any way we can."

Bighit Music's email also informed North American ticket holders that they will soon get a follow-up email about ticket refunds.

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