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The First 'Supertall' Skyscraper In Canada May End Up Being Even Taller Than Expected

Two towers are battling it out for the title.

The two tallest towers in the country are now in a race to the top.  

Mizrahi Developments, the creators of Canada's first "supertall" skyscraper currently under construction in Toronto, has submitted a proposal to add another nine storeys to the 85-level building, called The One.

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338.3 metres The tower's new height if the extension is approved

This would make it taller than the SkyTower, which currently holds the title of Canada's tallest residential building. Work has begun on the SkyTower, but it is a long way from completion.

The SkyTower will have 95 storeys, however, it will stand at 312.5 metres, according to Urban Toronto.

The outlet reports that "supertall" skyscrapers are defined as buildings that exceed a height of 300 metres. 

Construction for The One is well underway and is set to be complete in 2023. 

The proposal says that the additional nine storeys would serve as residential floors. This would allow The One to have 505 living units in total, compared to over 800 luxury units at the SkyTower.

The One is described as a mixed-use building. The residential units will have "adaptable interior floor plans and exterior inter-connecting gardens."

Meanwhile, SkyTower residents will have access to a pool with city views, a yoga studio and a gym. The units will reportedly begin at $800,000.