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Ontario Could Be Getting 1,000 New Cases Per Day In The First Half Of October

And hundreds of new COVID-19 patients in intensive care.
Ontario Could Hit 1,000 Cases A Day In Early October According To New Models

The second wave of COVID-19 in Ontario has begun and things could still get worse.

According to the province's updated modelling data, Ontario could get 1,000 new cases per day in the first half of October.

The province also predicts hundreds of new patients in intensive care if cases keep growing.

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200 to 300 Projected COVID-19 patients in ICU beds per day

When asked about the possibility of another lockdown, Dr. Williams referenced the recent measures taken, including the closure of strip clubs, the implementation of bar and restaurant curfews, and lowering gathering limits.

He said that these measures won't lead to desired results for a few weeks.

Health Minister Christine Elliott reported 625 new infections in Ontario on Wednesday.

On Monday, the province recorded its highest-ever increase in daily cases.

The province states that Ontario is currently on an upward trajectory similar to what places like Victoria in Australia and Michigan in the U.S. have dealt with.

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