Ontario Is Now In Its Second Wave Of COVID-19 & It Will Be 'Worse' Than Before

Ford says "today's numbers are deeply concerning."
Ontario Is Now In The Second Wave Of COVID-19 & It Will Be Worse Than The First One

It's official. Ford announced on Monday that Ontario is now in its second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Our health officials are telling us that Ontario is now in the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic," admitted Ford.

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We know that this wave will be more complicated, complex, […] and worse than the first wave."

Premier Doug Ford

The announcement comes after 700 new infections were reported in the province on Monday — the highest increase yet.

"Today’s numbers are deeply concerning," said the premier.

The spike in cases prompted the Ontario Hospital Association to pen an open letter urging the province to push the GTA and Ottawa back into stage 2.

Last week, the province mandated a new curfew on all bars and restaurants and ordered strip clubs to close in an attempt to curb transmission.

Ford went on to explain that, while the first wave affected more of the elderly population, it is now the younger population that is getting tested en masse.

"Please follow the health guidelines. Please download the COVID-19 alert app. Please get your flu shot. It is absolutely critical," he urged.