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Disney Magic Exploded Onto The Streets Of Hamilton This Week (VIDEO)

An epic dance scene was sneakily caught on camera! 🎥

Calling all Disney lovers! Filming for Disney's Sneakerella is underway in Hamilton's International Village. 

The movie, starring Lexi Underwood, has set up camp in the city and cast members are performing choreographed dances in the streets. 

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Hamilton's storefronts, buildings, and street art got makeovers to look exactly like the Astoria neighbourhood of Queens, New York, which is where the movie takes place. 

One onlooker even managed to capture an incredible dance number put on by the cast on a building's fire escape.

Some storefronts have been redesigned to look like they're straight out of New York.

This mural went up overnight as part of the new set.

Lexi Underwood made some time to explore downtown Toronto, posting this snapshot in front of the CN Tower.

Sneakerella isn't the only exciting production underway in Toronto right now.

Kevin Hart's Man From Toronto is filming in and around the GTA and tons of celebrities have been spotted.