6 Dogs That Are Currently Cheering On The Raptors Better Than The Humans (PHOTOS)

These dogs are keeping the spirit alive!
Dogs In Raptors Gear That Are Currently Cheering On The Raptors More Than Humans

It's game seven, and Toronto fans are ready. Even people's pets are cheering on the Raptors tonight to send them good luck ahead of the game that could win them the series. There are tons of dogs in Raptors gear that are cheering the team on more than humans are right now.

As anticipation grows in the early moments of the game, fans are showing up and posting their support online. 

Whether from a bar, the OLG Play Stage, or the comfort of their living room, fans are standing strong and are sporting in Raptors merch. 

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Of all of the Raptors support seen online, the pets might be the best contributions.

From dogs in Raptors capes, sweaters, bandanas, and even face masks, you will not be able to get enough of these adorable, furry fans.

Dogs in Raptors gear might be the cutest thing you'll see this quarter. 

The statues of animals at Berczy Park are even wearing capes right now, according to their tweet

Treat yourself to some cute pics of dogs cheering on the NBA Champs.

All paws on deck for Game 7 from these cuties in fitted Raps jersey. 

The female pomeranian is named Sasha, and she's cheering Toronto on from Ottawa, Ontario.

That smile is everything! If good vibes could win a basketball game, Bella the sheltie would be all over it. 

Sporting a Raptors bandana and a huge grin, Bella is the fan we all need to be right now, from Burlington, Ontario.

These dog and cat statues in Toronto are also in the spirit despite staying put.

The whole city has been celebrating with whatever rituals they can. 

Some people are even decking out their living rooms as shrines of good luck for tonight's game.

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